15 benefits of 3-D walk through tours

In the last week BPP have shown 470 seperate people homes 607 times with our amazing 3D walk-through technology.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the technology to help our clients get the most out of their home selling or property management experience. 

Scroll down to discover the 15 reasons why you should sell or rent your home with a Property Plus Real Estate 3-D model or for an appraisal of your property click here.


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Nathan Diss discusses the top 15 benefits of a 3-D model

1.) It is an exact representation of the home, allowing buyers to quickly determine if it is the right property for them. This means that people who come to physically visit have pretty much already made up their mind that they want the property. Sellers don't need to be interrupted so much by visits from people who are then not interested. Only the keenest, most suitable people will come through.

2.) It is possible to sell a property to anyone, anywhere. During April we marketed a townhouse using a 3-D model, received 2 offers in a competitive environment and sold the home to people from interstate without them needing to visit. It is crystal clear to us that that property would not have sold with such a great result without this technology. Buyers don't often decide to by a home just on real estate photos - but our 3-D models are so realistic they have the confidence to do so.

3.) Buyers can even see if their furniture fits! Forget the old measuring tape, buyers can measure fridge gaps and bedroom sizes using an easy measurement tool within the model. I am not a fan of 'wide angle' photos in real estate marketing and buyers often feel the same way. They don't like visiting the home in person, only to find the rooms are smaller than they appeared in the real estate photos. Every measurement within the model is accurate to within 3cm, so what you see is pretty much what you get!

4.) "Preparing our home for every viewing can be exhausting" - I remember one time my wife and I sold our home when 3-D technology wasn't available. My wife and I would spend hours preparing the home ahead of every buyer viewing - it was exhausting! On several occasions we would do all the work, but the people who attended weren't interested, due to something we couldn't control (for example the size of the main bedroom). The next time we sell we will use a 3-D model. This will ensure that people could look through our home at it's very tidiest online, so our virtual 24/7 home will need no cleaning at all. That way if they don't like it online due to their own requirements, we don't need to spend hours cleaning and tidying.

5.) The model contains a floor plan. Even though the 3-D model is an exact representation of the home, buyers love having a floor plan to look at. This can really help them to understand the configuration of the home.

6.) We want your home to be on the buyers short-list. Let's take a scenario of people moving to Bendigo from Sydney. They look online and try to decide which few homes they can have time to visit on a Sunday. It is CRUCIAL that your home is on their short-list so you can get buyer competition and a great price. Buyers who look at a 3-D model will do one of two things. They will either love your home and put it on their short-list or they will decide your home is not for them and not visit. The former of the two (the people who love your home) are key. With ordinary real estate marketing we cannot guarantee these people would put the same home on their short list.

7.) Sell your home with less disturbances. Wouldn't it be awesome if real estate salespeople had a crystal ball so they could immediately filter whether people would love your home and only bring those people to view it? Instead of having scores (potentially) of unsuitable buyers walking through your home and hoping for results, you would have only visitors who have pretty much decided your home is for them. 3-D models allow this to happen by filtering out the buyers who will not like your home - making for a more relaxed and peaceful selling process.

8.) How 3-D tours allow you to get the best price! Have you ever been in a situation where you have purchased something for a higher price because you love it? A 3-D model on-screen (or in virtual reality) is so realistic that people can know it is the house for them before any physical visit. This is very common in the human psyche. If we form an emotional attachment, we will pay more than we thought we would and feel very happy about it. This phenomena is well known when selling property. If someone views a home and loves it, they will want to ensure they get it. They will do this by placing a high offer (particularly so in a multi-offer situation) and we can get a great result for you.

9.) You have one chance to make a first impression. So let's make it the best one possible. The 3-D model loads on the buyers screen in the exact position which showcases your homes best feature immediately for that "wow!" factor. What is your homes best feature? The outdoor living? The beautiful 180 degree views? People online decide so quickly to change between properties while browsing the internet so you need something to stop them and make them go "Wow!". 3-D models achieve this plus they are fun to use - drawing people in.

10.) Buyers can share the model with mortgage brokers, decorators, accountants, lawyers, builders, family and friends! - Before you buy! It is possible to get the opinions of those who really value just by sharing the model with them. Do you want to borrow a bit more to renovate the kitchen? Why not share the model with builders for estimates, the mortgage broker for confident lending, interior designer for input and your family and friends to join the excitement.

11.) The "dolls-house" view is the best representation of a house you have seen! A feature of the 3-D model is that you can have a 3-D look at the home just like you can with a 'real' dollhouse. The exterior wall are removed and you can rotate the model and zoom in an out. The feature is better than a floor-plan in the buyers can see the internal walls and doorways easily which help understand the layout of your home.

12.) Have you finished renovating before selling? - show your family and friends! Something we didn't predict is that sellers love sharing the model with their family and friends - particularly if they have renovated. 

13.) Houses sell faster with a 3-D tour, and faster usually means less hassles and a higher price. This is just my opinion as figures for this are tricky to gather. We work with rental properties and rent them out using 3-D models. Some properties have models, and some do not. We've been using 3-D models on our rental properties for quite some time now. The last 80 properties we have rented using a 3-D tour have achieved on average 6% above market rental estimate; sometimes up to 10% extra. They have rented out with around one quarter of physical visits to the house. There is no reason why the sales market wouldn't also follow this model - yet we are still gathering data.

14.) 3-D models spread on social media like wildfire! Who said you can't sell a home on Facebook? or LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter ...etc. Interesting social media posts can spread all over the place - and 3-D models are really popular. People can see your home on social media and then 'share' it with people who they know are looking for a property. 

15.) Individual buyers can visit your virtual home as often as they want to. ​Would you find it difficult to make a buying decision based on a short visit to a property and cramming in with dozens of others at an open home. Not only that, but you may not see all the features and you would probably feel rushed. Then, to make things worse salespeople are asking you to make an offer in a multi-offer situation! Buyers, in the comfort of their own home (or cafe), at the speed they want and with the details they need - enjoy a 3-D model experience. If they want to they can go back to the model to clarify details multiple times. As an experienced real estate agent with I have seen many buyers not make offers due to feeling rushed or having insufficient information at hand. A 3-D model can help combat this.